Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Despite the expectations of possibly being gone by the end of the year, it appears that I will be spending another full winter in Kosovo.  And what a winter it is turning out to be!  There has been lots of snow, it's cold...and while I will complain that I'm miserably cold (years in Las Vegas spoiled my Montana winter temperament!) I'm very happy to see the amount of snowfall we've had because that means the water reservoirs will be replenished in the spring and hopefully there will not be the same concern in the coming summer that Kosovo will run out of water supplies!
Kosovo started New Year's celebrations with a bang...literally!  An explosive device was placed in front of the door of the Commercial Bank in Dragash and caused considerable damage to the building.  It is thought that the incident was more criminally than ethnically motivated...probably more like someone thinking about a smash & grab rather than targeting a Serbian bank.  However, there are reports that on New Year's Day there have been several attacks on Serbian homes in North Mitrovica.  One house was set on fire and seven others were stoned according to the Serbian Coordination Office