Monday, January 21, 2008

Explosion in Dragodan

Last night around 1930 CET there was an explosion in Dragodan that injured four people in a dispute between two Albanian families.  I actually heard the explosion as I was going into the house after dinner but I didn't think it was anywhere close...perhaps the sound was muffled by the other buildings.  Shooting was also reported in the area and AK-47 rounds found at the scene.  According to a friend, the explosion was towards the bottom of Dragodan but on the left side (going up) rather than the right side of the hill where most of the offices and houses are located.  It seems that it was a busy weekend for KPS because in two unrelated incidents two officers were assaulted in the Pristina region when intervening between feuding families.
This weekend was the first round of elections in Serbia and this morning the ultra-nationalists lead the polls.  Serbia's electoral commission also confirmed the official ban of UK and US observers from election monitoring.

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