Friday, January 25, 2008

Independence Within Days???

Both Kosovo's PM Thaci and President Sedjiu have been in the media saying that Kosovo's declaration of independence will happen within days.  Meanwhile NATO has boosted its troops levels in anticipation of the declaration and the Kosovo Police Service (KPS) has prepared an operational plan called Operation Status.
The EU is debating whether or not Marija Serifovic, winner of last year's Eurovision Song Contest, will be allowed to continue as an EU intercultural ambassador due to her alleged ties to Serbian ultranationalists.

Russia has stated that it will not send troops as a show of force should Kosovo unilaterally declare independence.

The EU is considering sending the first batch of police officers to Kosovo before independence is declared (better do it quick though if it will be within days!) however due to objections by Cyprus the plan may not be approved.  Next week the EU is to take a decision about where or not to sign an accord with Serbia for EU accession.