Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Orthodox New Year!

Happy Orthodox New Year!  We celebrated in style with a big dinner party at Ciao Restaurant in Caglavica.  We ate and danced to Serbian music well past 1am...which was bad considering that none of us had the day off the following day!  I never actually realized that New Years was celebrated late by the Orthodox but it does make sense considering Christmas is on 7 January! 

Unfortunately I didn't get my New Year off to a good start as I ended up with food poisoning over the weekend from eating sushi in Pristina.  I managed to last about 1 1/2 hours after dinner before I started paying homage to the porcelain gods.  By T-5 hours (or maybe it should be S for Sushi?) S-5 hours, I was only getting worse and basically wanted to die right then & there on my bathroom floor which I discovered was very comfortably heated and okay to sleep on!  S-16 hours I still couldn't hold down anything, my body even rejected plain bottled water!  Finally S-26 hours I actually started to feel hungry and was able to hold down my first meal since eating the infamous sushi.  But still even two full days after eating the sushi my stomach still isn't 100% recovered which is kind of scary!

A Ministry of Labor and Welfare vehicle with four Albanian passengers was blown up at approximately 1330 hours, seriously injuring one of the occupants.  A KPS spokesperson verified that the explosion was caused by a hand grenade.  It is not known if the government vehicle was the intended target or what was the motive.

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