Friday, January 11, 2008

Haradinaj Released Because of Politics?

Rumor has reached MTCowgirl that former Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj was ordered to be released from the Hague and all charges to be dropped due to "political reasons".  While so far I haven't found any news reports (the chance of this hitting the headlines is slim given the chance for criticism of the decision) the news came from an extremely reliable source and MTCowgirl is inclined to believe the information to be true...but you do never know!  In late December, Ramush and another Kosovar on trial at the Hague were released for the winter break and France's Le Monde took a scathing look at the release.
Other Kosovo news is that the US and Germany are planning to recognize Kosovo's declaration of independence according to a "senior European official" who of course remains anonymous.  The quote that I like in the article is "The cake has been baked, because the Americans have promised Kosovo independence"...that's a great line, I'll have to use it sometime :)

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