Wednesday, May 14, 2008

EU Looks To 15 June

The EU Mission (EULEX) is looking to deploy their mission across all of Kosovo from the 15th of June according to their Special Representative, Pieter Feith.  Officially, the UN still has not received permission to hand over responsibility to the EU mission and the future of the UN/EU missions are still unclear.  Staff working for UNMIK have had their contracts tentatively extended until 31 December.  It is expected that after the Kosovo constitution comes into effect, the Kosovo Government will invite the EU to take up a monitoring role however the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 will still be in effect for the UN which could make for an interesting situation to say the least!  Mostly, it is hurry-up-and-wait for those of us in Kosovo.
I meant to write over the weekend about the Vetevendosje protest on 9 May against the Serbian elections held in the enclaves but time got away from me.  I have lots of pictures but need to sit down and get them ready :)  In short, Vetevendosje was up to its usual antics.  This time they pulled up a truck to the UN Mission HQ gate and started throwing bags of garbage over the fence.  They also brought a water tank of liquid cow manure and sprayed it on the Government and Mission HQ buildings.  The interesting thing that I find about Vetevendosje is that basically all the group does is complain about things but they aren't a political group per se trying to run in the elections to actually try to change things themselves.  No, it seems that they would rather just whine and complain about the way things are than get their hands dirty in politics and try to change their future themselves :P

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