Monday, May 5, 2008

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Okay, so most people in Kosovo have no idea what Cinco de Mayo is but some of us will still be celebrating with margaritas and Mexican food later tonight! It's interesting when you think about it of all the different international selections we have in Kosovo due to the Expat community working for the UN and other organizations.  There actually is a decent Mexican restaurant in Sunny Hill that serves up tasty margaritas and has a roaming mariachi band to do table-side serenades while you enjoy your plate of sizzling fajitas :)  Pristina also boasts two sushi restaurants (this cowgirl ended up in Toyko this weekend doing karaoke until the lights came on...whew, what a night!)

But for my long night out this weekend it didn't start at Toyko...oh, no it started far before we ended up there!  A group of friends and I started off at Bo Bowling off of Skopje Highway for five games of great fun (and drinking!)  The games are reasonably priced and it really is great fun when you get a group of friends together.  For a bowling alley, the decor is quite nice and there is a nice seating area with comfy couches and chairs if you just want to chat :)

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