Friday, May 14, 2004

Butt Whuppin'

Smokey escaped out of the yard last night and because the weather wasn't so good, I chose not to chase him around in the rain and mud.  Emin says that he saw him around 11pm when he opened his window for fresh air but thought that I was out walking him as I usually do at night before going to he didn't think twice until he saw him sleeping outside his window in the morning.  When I saw him, I hardly recognized him!  He was smelly (I mean SMELLY!), muddy, and beat-up.  His nicely groomed fur was muddy, matted, and more tuffs of winter fur were coming out *yuck*  When he came into the house, he went straight to his water bowl and noisily slurped up an entire bowl of water....then went into the living room and passed out on the floor (long night, I guess!!!)

I've had Smokey since he was one month old so he is more familiar with people than wild dogs.  The vet says that he probably thought he was king of the world until some street dog whupped his butt over a female dog in heat :-P~ 

Anyways, the poor guy is in kennel quarantine for the next 10 days due to a large bite on his back leg.  He also has something wrong with his left ear but no visible marks...we just know it is bothering him because he keeps tilting his head to the side and shaking his ears.