Wednesday, May 26, 2004


It was an interesting day today.  This morning a colleague gifted me with an one-month old male puppy (I guess I'm the animal rescue person of our compound *LOL*)  She had given him a bath since he was dirty, which was a bad step because it is too easy for the poor fellow to catch a cold when he is that young, so we blasted him with one of our heaters until he was warm and dry :)

Then Didem and I ran over to Ardi Supermarket and I purchased a baby bottle and fatty milk.  Then I spent about 30 minutes bottle-feeding the starving little guy.  I have some pictures that my boss took and will post ASAP b/c he is absolutely adorable.

Well, at least we think it is a he!!!  As I told our chief, there weren't any experts in identifying the gender of dogs in our office.  In fact, when our boss asked what gender the puppy was, Didem and I both said that we hadn't really examined his underside and Didem promptly picked him up and let our boss decide *LOL*  I am pretty sure that it is a boy as his underside looks similar to Smokey's when I took him home.  Smokey btw is green with envy but got a nice snack of leftover chicken for staying in his kennel one more night while I decide what to do with DotNet.

Yes, we named him DotNet after the current software release that my project is working on :)  Most people don't understand the meaning of the name but it puts a smile on the IT-geeks' faces in my office *chuckle*