Friday, May 21, 2004

Smokey Update

Smokey is doing well but going a little stir-crazy in his kennel.  I let him out of the kennel with a leash to roam around the garden last night for about 15 minutes and he was happy as could be :)  His appetite is enormous and he thoroughly enjoys scarfing down the cut-up hotdogs I've been treating him with when I get home from work.  I can't wait to give him a bath though because he looks unbelievably scruffy!  Actually, he looks a bit wild because he has tuffs of hair coming out and is still dirty because I was advised not to give him a bath yet because of his wounds.

I discovered what was wrong with his ear and he is no longer looking like he has a severe cramp in his neck *chuckle*  Actually, it was quite cute watching him flop his ears back and forth.  But the problem was that he received a bite near his ear and possibly some of the blood went into his ear canal.  Then he scratched so much that he opened a sore on the lobe of his ear...making things even worse!  But the vet gave me antibiotics and cleaned his ears out (again!)  Now I have to apply the medicine and give him a little ear massage each night when I go home.