Friday, May 28, 2004

Puppy Power!

The great debate has been settled.  DotNet is a girl :)  One of my colleagues suggested shortening her name to Dnet...I think that sounds good.

It looks like I will be keeping the adorable little one for at least another week until she gets her distemper shot.  There is great debate in my mind and heart about letting her go as she really is such a cute and loving puppy.  I've taken the role of mommy now and she follows me around the office hallways and at home.  Last night while I was working in the kitchen, I lost track of her and discovered that she was sleeping under my chair :)
In the meanwhile, Smokey is still in his kennel.  The one day that I decide to let him out to play in the yard, what does he do but almost immediately locate a spot in the fence he can fit through and disappear for an hour.  Upon his return, I discovered that he had rolled in the sewer or cow manure, take your pick...maybe both :-P~  I'm afraid that he is really a street dog and while I love him with my heart, I don't think he would be a good dog to have around other people.