Thursday, February 2, 2006

Interesting Reads

I found an interesting interview article from the former head of the Pristina Regional Crimes Unit.  I imagine that he is no longer in mission because we are prohibited from speaking to the press without permission and his comments are not on the flattering points out many of the problems in peacekeeping in Kosovo.  The article focuses on the political problems hindering investigations in Kosovo.  After talking with some friends and police officers, sometimes I find that they are frustrated because they cannot do what is right but have to do what is politically appropriate. 
I also found a write-up about Camp Bondsteel with pictures of the base.  It is amazing how built-up the camp has become since 1999 :)  You can also visit the official site of Task Force Falcon with PX and movie times.

The power situation seems to be a bit better now.  KEK seems to have reverted to the old power schedule where everyone shares the same kind of schedule.  In some areas, power lines/poles are down and I read that KEK says it will take $500,000 to fix some of the poles that are down.  I think the schedule is 4 on: 2 off for everyone now but I'm still playing the phase game at my house :)