Friday, February 24, 2006

Flooding Leaves Kosovo in the Dark

The past several days it has been raining or drizzling a combination of rain/snow.  The road at the entrance to Gracanica is all tore up with water-filled potholes the size of a VW Golf.  It is expected that power plant B will be taken off line (probably already has since I've been without power for the past 12 hours) because of flooding in Obilic.  Supposedly the river near Obilic broke through the banks and a dyke protecting the plant and the coal stockyard is flooded.  KEK is trying to import around 400MW of power from neighboring countries but that won't cover the nearly 500MW that the B-plant can produce.  It's expected that many areas will be without power for three hours at a time.  My place was like a disco last night with the lights flickering on and off every couple of seconds :)