Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter just won't let go of Kosovo yet.  It snowed overnight last night...right after I told someone that I didn't think it was going to snow significantly again :-P  Guess I set myself up for that one!  It has been lightly snowing on & off all day, covering the ground with a light dusting of white stuff.  The temperatures dropped again to near freezing at night so the power situation in Gracanica is bad.  Last night the power was 1:5 which is barely even worth the effort of turning on the heaters.  By the time they start putting off some heat the power goes off!  Anyways, I've still got firewood so I'll be keeping warm that way!

There was an interesting article today from the Canadian Globe & Mail about how the UN is Worse than Civil War.  While I don't agree with all the information or views that are contained in the article, it does give an indication of how some Albanians view UNMIK, the negotiations, and the international community.