Sunday, February 5, 2006

New Power Schedule

Yes, I know.  Power seems to be a theme in my posts lately but that's because it is one of the biggest problems plaguing Kosovo.  There simply is not enough power for all the people living in Kosovo!  During the winter when consumption spikes, especially when the temperatures sink below 0, the problem with production becomes more evident.nt.

Anyways, according to the local media, there is a new power schedule.  It is still ABC but A-areas will have 4:2, B-areas will have 3:3, and C-areas will have 2:4 at all times.  Now, I'm in a C-area but I'm still getting only one hour of power but then the temperatures are supposed to drop down to a low of -10�C (that's around 15�F) and it has already started snowing.  I heard that the weather is supposed to stay like this for at least the next week so I'm stocking up on firewood and will be camping out in the living room with Smokey and my thermal sleeping bag!  It's so cold outside that even he begs to come indoors when I get home *hehe*

Luckily I'll be living it up in style next weekend in Istanbul, Turkey.  I'm going for the weekend for a little shopping trip and to eat some good Turkish food.  The weather isn't much better but at least I won't have to wake up every couple of hours to put wood on the fire and won't have to worry if there's going to be hot water in the morning!