Monday, February 27, 2006

Honorary DCA

Due to melting snow, rain, and the subsequent rising water levels in Kosovo, 14 municipalities in Kosovo have been flooded.  I became an honorary DCA (still don't know what it means) for a clothing drive taking place within UNMIK to aid the RAE (Roma, Ashkalia, Egyptian) communities in North Mitrovica.  Since yesterday, people have been delivering clothing, blankets, pillows, and kitchen supplies to my office and we will be handing everything over to the Norwegian Church Aid group on Friday for distribution to those who are in need.  To read more about the flooding, you can access the Red Cross' report at ReliefWeb.
In other news, a group of 50 Albanian youths was reported to have stoned a bus of refugees from Montenegro who were traveling to the Decani monastery over the weekend.  There was no serious damage to the bus.  The incident occurred around 3pm on Saturday (25 Feb).