Friday, February 2, 2007

Unveiling the Proposal

1030 CET:  Today, the status proposal will be unveiled by Special Envoy Martii Ahtisaari in both Pristina and Belgrade.  While many of us are unsure of the timeframe, movement in downtown Pristina has been restricted from 1300-2000 hours on Police Avenue.  Demonstrations are expected no mater what due to the fact that the Vetevendosje (Self-Determination) group doesn't believe in the negotiations and the proposal is not expected to please everyone. 
In Serbia, acting Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica has publicly snubbed Ahtisaari and is refusing to meet with him to receive the proposal.  Kostunica insists that the special envoy should have waited until the new government is formed and that he is only a caretaker until the new government is formed.  Instead, acting President Boris Tadic will receive Ahtisaari and his proposal.

1200 CET:  The meeting between Ahtisaari and President Tadic is reported to have lasted a mere 45 minutes.  Details of the plan are going to be posted on the UN's website at 1600hrs.  The plan calls for another round of negotiations to be carried out but the deadline for the talks to begin is 13 February.

1500 CET: has summarized the important aspects of Ahtisaari's report.  There are six proposed Serb municipalities (including one in N. Mitrovica).  The Serbs will be allowed to continue cooperation with Serbia-proper in addition to receiving financial and technical support.  The new "state" would have two official languages: Albanian and Serbian.  Additionally, some 40 Orthodox heritage sites will also be given protection under the proposal.  The Albanians will need to develop a flag and emblem and national anthem of their own that must reflect the multi-ethnic characteristics of Kosovo.  A new security force will also be built with around 2500 active members and 800 reserve members that will be responsible for crisis response, explosive disposal, and civil protection.

1600 CET:  Click to see the Executive Summary of the Status Proposal.