Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Blah, Blah Continues

The politicians are continuing to blah, blah about Kosovo...honestly at times I myself feel frustrated that my life is up in the air because of the Security Council so I can only imagine how the Kosovo Albanians feel!  My mom has given up asking me if/when I'm coming home because I never know what to tell her now-a-days.  I go through phases of leaving-Kosovo-4-months, staying-Kosovo-next-summer, no-leave-Kosovo-end-of-year, staying-in-Kosovo, leaving-Kosovo, wait-I'll-stay-there's-no-resolution, no-there'll-be-a-resolution-and-I-go...get the idea???
The US and EU have formally introduced their third attempt at a resolution to the Security Council in an apparent attempt to gauge the mood and possibly test the Russian threat of a veto.  By formally introducing the resolution, it means that there can be a vote within the next 24 hours or possibly not at all.  Diplomats are said to be waiting for Russia's reaction before deciding what to do.

There are rumors on both sides that the Kosovo status will leave the UN.  Several different sources say that the EU is drifting towards solution outside the UN and a couple others say the Kosovo debate will not leave the UN.  There is also discussion that the Contact Group may take over the issue of Kosovo's status.  The idea of the Contact Group taking over would be to allow negotiations between Pristina and Belgrade to continue in the hopes that they could reach a settlement...but that idea is likely to fail as both sides remain diametrically opposed.