Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Kosovo still waits for some word of the meetings between Bush and Putin.  The delay in status is putting Western unity on shaky ground, especially in Europe where the EU threatens to split over recognizing Kosovo if they declare unilateral independence.  Meanwhile, Kosovo's PM Agim Ceku has stated that Kosovo will be "forced to move" if unless the international community makes progress or offers an alternative, Kosovo will make a move on its own.  In another statement though Ceku said that there was no alternative other than independence.  In what was described as a "cry for help" SRSG Joachim Rueker has sent a letter to the UN calling on them to find a solution in an optimal amount of time as the situation could spiral out of control.
There is an interesting article by a former Australian government official titled Serbia owed justice in Kosovo that explores Serbia's past back to WWII and touches on the propaganda war that was waged in Kosovo.  As usual, I'm throwing it out there to you readers!

I spent part of the weekend down in Peja/Pec and Decani so I have new pictures to share!  Next weekend I'm planning on visiting the Marusha waterfalls near Djakova/Gjakova and will try to get some more nature to share.