Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Try, try again!

First let me say thank you to Mr. OW for emailing me about my PIN number problems at Raiffeisen!  I didn't expect to have any feedback at all but was very happy to discover that I was able to apply for a new PIN number at any branch I wanted.  In fact, I walked in today and asked to apply for a new PIN number and the clerk didn't even blink!  So I guess it was just either a matter of the other clerk not wanting to do the paperwork which only took a couple minutes...but anyways, thank you OW and happy reading!
So, with the old mantra of "if at first you don't succeed, try try again", there is an attempt to pass though a new resolution in the UN Security Council which calls for more talks between Kosovo and Belgrade.  Unlike the resolutions that were earlier rejected, this new resolution does not specify any results following the new negotiations.  China, Indonesia, South Africa, and Russia all believe that Kosovo cannot be separated from Serbia without its consent.

Meanwhile, KLA veterans are upping their posturing with new threats of taking up arms if Kosovo does not gain independence.  In a statement in Kosovo newspapsers on 8 July, the letter also warned international organizations, particularly the UN, not to try to block the process.  There was a meeting of Albanian "intellectuals" in Tetevo over the weekend.  Representatives from Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia attended the meeting with called for national unification of Albanians starting with Kosovo's independence.  If independence was not granted soon, one of the reps said that the NLA of Macedonia would join the KLA and they would win Kosovo's freedom with guns.  Again I pose the same question to the supposed intellectuals asking "who do you expect to fight against?"  It's not like there are any Serbian troops left to fight...are you going to take on NATO who doesn't plan on leaving anytime in the near future???  Hmmmm!