Thursday, July 12, 2007

Status Delayed until 2008?

More news is coming out about the third draft resolution due to come out on Kosovo.  The US-EU resolution glosses over Kosovo's independence and calls for more negotiations between Belgrade and Kosovo.  The resolution also calls on Kosovo to be administered by the EU instead of the UN.  The draft also says that if no agreements are made in the four month of negotiations the UN will take a look again at the situation, meaning that there possibly would be yet another round of UN negotiations for a resolution supporting independence.  But it looks like the talks are already doomed to failure (as before) as Kosovo's government states that independence is the only outcome and Serbia says independence cannot be the outcome. 
Will Kosovo's status be delayed until 2008?  According to Daniel Fried who made statements in Croatia suggesting that there will be no quick solution to Kosovo's status and that most likely the issue would be settled in the months leading up to the April 2008 NATO Bucharest Summit.  This is the first real hint that the status will be postponed beyond 2007 and there is likely to be a bit of posturing by Kosovo politicians.
And thinking of posturing, a few of the Kosovo political parties have issued statements warning that further delays will cause Kosovo to destabilize.  Also in the news, Kosovo PM Agim Ceku's "plea for self rule" to the EU and request to set a deadline for independence.  Ceku has suggested that if the deadline is set and no UN resolution is passed, Kosovo will be allowed to unilaterally declare independence.

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