Monday, July 2, 2007

Kosovo Watches & Waits

Kosovo citizens are watching and waiting for news about the meetings in the US between President Bush and Putin.  It is hoped that the two leaders will be able to agree on a solution to Kosovo's status but many analysts believe they are more likely to agree to disagree over many issues from the US-proposed missile defense shield in Czech Republic to the best way to move forward in Kosovo.
The court in the Hague has adjourned for a summer break and former PM Ramush Haradinaj has requested to be allowed to return to Kosovo.  The court previously released Haradinaj for a period of two years following his initial indictment and allowed him to limited activity in Kosovo politics.

Last week I came across a short snippet from a newspaper who alleged that UN envoy Ahtisaari received a bribe of US$1 million from the Kosovo's billionaire Behgjet Pacolli.  Then there was another short snippet where the speaker of Serbian parliament called for an inquiry into the allegations.  Finally an article in Serbianna, which I cannot say is really an unbiased news source for Kosovo, looks a bit deeper into Pacolli's past and other possible bribes made.  As usual, I'm throwing it out there for you readers to take a look at and make your own decision :)