Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day :)  Kosovo shopkeepers were busy this year as the local population swarmed onto the streets to celebrate and purchase gifts for loved ones in a previously little celebrated holiday.  Some attribute the change to a new ability of the local population to purchase goods that were before considered very luxury.
The power situation has been pretty rough in Kosovo over the past several days.  In fact despite promises for 24/7 power after the elections and new promises for constant power following independence, Kosovo's government declared an energy crisis and KEK is warning that it will cost taxpayers 2 million euros to import enough power for five days.  People living in Pristina can expect to have 4 on: 2 off or even 3:3 when the situation is dire...surrounding towns will be slightly worse off...and villages can expect to have around a total of 4 hours of power each day.

Lately the news makes my head spin in regards to Kosovo's independence declaration.  There are so many conflicting reports about what will actually take place this Sunday.  Will it be an intent to declare or an actual this point, I really can't tell and anyone who reads the news as I do is probably just as confused about what is going on.  The UN has issued a warning to staff to be vigilant and to not take part in any celebrations in their official capacity and Serbia's PM has asked Kosovo Serbs to stay put and reaffirmed that Belgrade will never recognize the declaration. Meanwhile, some Serbs in the north are ready for a fight should Kosovo try to rein in north of the Ibar river. Russia is saying that any recognition of Kosovo's independence will violate international law, is illegal, and hopes to call an emergency session of the UN Security Council in the next few days.

Other Kosovo News...
  • Despite obstacles, Kosovo can only go up, according to an article in Reuters regarding Kosovo's post-indepedence economy
  • Greek Minister says Europe still divided on Kosovo
  • EU in countdown to launching EUMIK mission (I don't know if this will the the actual name but it's a catchy one that Vetevendosje came up with and plastered all over the stoplights in Pristina...Jo EUMIK, meaning No, EUMIK!)
  • EUMIK is due to start deployment on 17 February