Sunday, February 24, 2008

Riot Girls are a big hit on You-Tube

In a surprise hit on YouTube, two Serbian woman can be seen looting chocolates and clothing from stores in Belgrade following the riots last Thursday. In response to the attacks on the US Embassy, the US had demanded that Serbia do a better job protecting the embassy and diplomats and also has begun evacuating non-essential staff to Croatia.  In the meantime, Serbia has launched an investigation into the rioting and is working on identifying those that attacked the embassies.  The body of the rioter found in the US Embassy was identified as a young Serbian man from Kosovo whose family fled in 1999.

In addition to the evacuation of US Embassy staff from Belgrade, the EU has began to remove its staff from northern Kosovo in fear of their safety and the EU representative has asked the Serbs to begin cooperating.
Yesterday marked the 6th day of demonstrations against Kosovo's independence in northern Kosovo.  On Friday, demonstrators hurled rocks, glass bottles, and firecrackers at UN police stationed at the famed bridge that separates the two sides of Mitrovica.  In all actuality there are two other bridges that can be used to cross to the other side but the main bridge in the middle of town is highly symbolic.  The protests and violence are all part of a well-orchestrated plan to sabotage Kosovo's independence according to one article in BBC News.

Independence movements around the world are ignoring the "it won't set a precedent" discussion.  Indians in Kashmir believe they have gained a boost following Kosovo's independence as Bosnian Serbs are threatening secession.  There are additional questions of "if Kosovo, why not Palestine" or what about Tamil movements in Sri Lanka?

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