Friday, February 22, 2008

Mixed Responses from the World

The world has responded to Kosovo's declaration with a varying degree of recognitions and condemnations. China and Taiwan clashed over Taiwan's acceptance. Pro and anti-Kosovo demonstrations have been held all over the world by expat communities living abroad. Canada has said much by remaining silent while the US bears the brunt of Serbian anger over its recognition of Kosovo.
Kosovo Serbs in Mitrovica say they will demonstrate every day at 12:44pm, in reference to UN Security Council Resolution 1244. Yesterday around 150 Serbian reservists demonstrated at Gate 3, Podujevo, setting tires on fire and throwing stones and NATO and KPS officers. The US, as well as Slovenian, embassy in Belgrade has been attacked nearly constantly each night by Serbs angry with what they see as renew imperialism.

Out with the old and in with the new it seems! Since the end of the NATO bombing campaign, the bombed out MUP jail building has stood as a ghostly reminder of the Kosovo conflict. The building, officially belonging to the Serbian government, was never demolished as the government refused to give permission. However, now the Ministry of Internal Affairs is moving in to begin demolition on the building next week. Does anyone else get the feeling they were just waiting for the UDI to go ahead??? :)