Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Cold Hands, Warm Heart :o)

I can no longer hold my silence on a matter that greatly concerns me :o)  I have just returned from the bathroom in my office and my hands are enclosed in chunks of ice! *hehe*  It's not really that bad but it does feel like it!  For some reason that I cannot comprehend, more often than not bathroom sinks in Kosovo do not seem to be hooked up to any type of water heater.  I do have to admit, it's not just the UN that doesn't hook up sinks to hot water sources.  In many of the restaurants I've visited around Kosovo I have found a lack of hot water in the bathrooms.
The UN embarked on a campaign about the necessity of washing your hands in order to be healthy last year.  But how do they expect people to wash their hands to kill the germs with freezing cold water?!  The problem is the same in our office "kitchen" (a converted storage closet with a sink and microwave).  There is simply no hot water connection so dishes are washed with cold water...not exactly what mother ordered but what she doesn't know won't hurt me!

I do miss my old container bathroom at Mission HQ.  Each bathroom had it's own little hot water heater and room heater...ah, the good old days.  Now I have to suffer with freezing cold water and a freezing cold seat :(  Oh, the lack of heat in our current facilities is also a problem that continues to plague me in our offices.  There is a small central heating radiator at the entrance to the bathroom but when the maintenance people were installing a fan in the toilet area, they didn't exactly knock out a perfect square in the window so there is a huge jagged hole in the window were the fan precariously hangs :o)  It makes things a little miserable during the cold winter months!

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