Thursday, February 8, 2007

Will Independence Be an Anti-Climax?

Reuters AlertNet linked a blog that asks the question of whether or not Kosovo's new status will be an anti-climax for the Albanian population.  I quite agree that many politicians who have only focused on gaining independence will suddenly have to take a look around their new "state" and will probably think "oh, my god...look at the state of the economy, unemployment, unreliable power..." and there will be a whole new set of obstacles facing the population of Kosovo.  I think that many people will be disappointed with the outcome of independence.  In speaking with Albanians, a great number have told me that many of their fellow citizens believe that independence will somehow bring an end to all the social and economic problems they have been facing.  And these people blame the Albanian leadership and politicians for trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes about the reality of the situation.
After lunch today, two colleagues and I went out in search of the Ahtisaari mannequin.  Unfortunately it has either been removed or is somewhere else besides by the government building.  But I did get many photos from around Pristina for my Only in Kosovo and General Kosovo sections of my Kosovo Photo Album.  Unfortunately it wasn't very sunny today (it's that depressing gray winter sky!) but I wanted to share the shots I got.  When the weather improves, I'll try to go walk around again :)  Thanks to Ed for the Vetevendosje photos!