Monday, February 5, 2007

Smokey Escapes!

Ugh, it's a Monday!  It's trash day as I was putting it outside, Smokey saw a dog across the street digging through the consulate's garbage and got all excited.  He ran out onto the street and yanked the leash so hard that it snapped off his collar.  Then he tore down the road like there was a herd of rabid cats chasing after him.  I nearly caught up to him in one of the nearby construction lots but as soon as I was close enough to grab him, he decided to play with me and took off again.  As usual, it was his "you can remember this as the day that you almost caught..." (just like Capt. Jack Sparrow!)  Anyways, hopefully he didn't annoy anyone at the consulates while he was running around.  Fortunately I hadn't fed him yet so he quickly returned home and allowed the landlord's son to put him upstairs until I was able to leave work to put him on the balcony.  From now on, I will have to make sure that his leash is firmly in place before letting him out the door!  And luckily he didn't find any cow manure or any other fragrant things to roll in up in Dragodan, unlike Gracanica :)  So I don't have to worry about immediately tossing him in the shower for a bath when I get home...he didn't smell worse than his normal dogginess (of course, it doesn't help that he is panting in your face when you do try to evaluate his scent!)