Wednesday, February 21, 2007

KLA Claims Responsibility for Explosions

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA in English, UCK in Albanian) has claimed responsibility for the explosion Monday evening that damaged three UN vehicles.  Supposedly disbanded after the end of the fighting, the group claimed responsibility via email although skeptics wonder if the claim is valid.  The email claims that the bombing was revenge for the death of two Vetevendosje protestors on the 10th of February.
The next Vetevendosje protest is scheduled for the 3rd of March and according to the spokesperson, will be peaceful but aimed at those responsible for the deaths of the protestors.  The spokesperson goes on to say that the group had nothing to do with the bombing and that the group "denounce violence that jeopardizes public safety".  <soapbox>Right, that's why you paint-bombed the government and UNMIK HQ three months ago and most of your protests have ended when police used teargas.  If that's not jeopardizing public safety, what is?!  Oh and by the way, bringing Molotov cocktails to protests is not a good indication of peacefulness! So if you plan on throwing any more of those during your "peaceful" protest forgive me for being a bit skeptical :-P</soapbox>